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PO Box 18054
Irvine, California 92623
United States
Camino Schools
Irvine, California
Camino Schools is being founded by families, for families. In 2021, three families with young children of their own came together with a common vision of establishing a classical liberal arts school intensely focused on forming the whole person. Having grown up in similar schools outside of Orange County, the founders know first-hand the immense riches of a classical liberal arts education and the transformative power of bringing together a community of families with shared vision and values.

Camino Schools is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cultural renewal of California through the founding of great schools. The mission of these schools is to collaborate with parents in the intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual education of their children.

Through a rigorous liberal arts curriculum and personal character formation, these schools seek to renew culture by developing children into mature, confident leaders who engage the world with a spirit of freedom, adventure, and service.

Camino Schools is an ICLE Member School.


Camino Schools is an ICLE Premier Member School.