Grades Served:
105 Argyle Rd
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
United States
Regina Angelorum Academy
Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Regina Angelorum Academy is a private, independent Catholic grade school located in Ardmore, PA. We believe parents are the primary educators of their children and Regina Angelorum supports parents in this role. We nurture the intellectual and spiritual growth of students from Pre-K and Kindergarten to 8th grade through a Classical Liberal Arts Education. Our unique approach inspires students to pursue wisdom and grow in virtue.

Regina Angelorum Catholic School challenges students and their families in a communal and academic setting to be joyful saints through Catholic faith formation, classical wisdom, and virtue in action.

Regina Angelorum Academy promotes and nurtures the intellectual growth and talents of elementary and middle school children through the time-tested Classical Liberal Arts course of study. Students study and learn in a wholesome and rigorous academic environment.

In partnership with their families, boys and girls are taught to be effective Catholic citizens and leaders. The Catholic faculty integrates the Magisterial teaching, Scripture and Tradition of the Catholic Church throughout the curriculum. Children are taught to know, love, and serve God and neighbor, and to become aware of their ultimate purpose in life: eternal happiness with God in Heaven.

Regina Angelorum Academy is an ICLE Member School.


Regina Angelorum Academy is an ICLE Premier Member School.