Grades Served:
2500 Branch Pike
Cinnaminson, New Jersey 8077
United States
St. Charles Borromeo Parish School
Cinnaminson, New Jersey
The administration and staff of St. Charles Borromeo School dedicate themselves to the spiritual and intellectual education of the children entrusted to our care. In order to provide a well balanced curriculum, we offer programs that address the physical, emotional, and artistic needs of our students which we recognize to be important components of a good education.

In keeping with the charism of the Sisters of Mercy who first staffed our school, we emphasize both the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy throughout our educational program. We believe our students will understand the Gospel message more clearly when they can be of service to others.

We strive to appreciate and nurture the special and unique talents each child brings, with the hope that our students will come to respect, appreciate, and applaud each person’s individuality.
We believe the educational process is a genuine Christian journey, drawing its inspiration and strength from the Gospel in which it is rooted. We collaborate with parents to be outstanding educators and form strong partnerships between the school and family.

In accord with the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, we stress service to individual families, community, country, and the world over self-service.
We strive to provide a non-violent atmosphere that is conducive to excellence in teaching, learning, living, and growing in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

St. Charles Borromeo Parish School is an ICLE Member School.


St. Charles Borromeo Parish School is an ICLE Premier Member School.