Grades Served:
3650 SpringHill Ave
Mobile, Alabama 36608
United States
St. Ignatius Catholic School
Mobile, Alabama
Mission Statement
St. Ignatius Catholic School, a ministry of St. Ignatius Parish in Springhill, strives to educate the whole child by providing a quality Catholic education in a safe and caring learning environment. Focusing on Jesus the Redeemer, children are encouraged to strive for excellence in spiritual, academic, social and physical activities. Through a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities, children are taught to become productive and exemplary Christian leaders for the future.

Vision Statement
St. Ignatius Catholic School will create a strong, faith-based community of lifelong learners based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. St. Ignatius strives to create a positive atmosphere that heartens the human spirit, values the whole person and supports family values.

The members of the entire school community: Pastor, Parochial Vicar, parishioners, administration, faculty, parents, students and alumni are integral parts of a collaborative effort to create a dynamic academic environment where the love of learning and pursuit of creative ideas are regularly practiced. St. Ignatius Catholic School will be a leader among area schools in the integration of technology in all subject areas. Committed and qualified teachers emphasize high standards of academic achievement while guiding each child to reach his or her fullest potential.

Classical as well as modern works will serve as the foundation for verbal knowledge, while continued emphasis on math and science will enhance quantitative knowledge. St. Ignatius will continue to provide a safe, financially stable school where students are nurtured, respected and encouraged to become service-oriented members of the local community and faith-filled, hard-working citizens of the United States of America.