Grades Served:
1900 Flowerree St
Helena, Montana 59601
United States
St. Andrew School
Helena, Montana
Classical education with a Catholic foundation.
St. Andrew School is a Catholic and Classical school operating in Helena, Montana. We are committed to classical learning as a teaching pedagogy, and we teach from the perspective of Catholic Christianity. Both are essential to our mission, our curriculum, and programs, and our policies. St. Andrew is an independent private school recognized by the Diocese of Helena since 2015. Our school mascot is the Griffin.

At St. Andrew School we focus on the academic, moral and spiritual aspects of our students. The school's policies for student life attempt to create and reinforce intellectual and moral virtues, guided by the calling of the Christian life. Virtues are the key for success and excellence in academics as well as every endeavor our students might choose for themselves after high school. St. Andrew School also offers physical education for all grades, and organized volleyball and basketball teams, which compete with local schools.

Mission Statement
St. Andrew School provides a classical education built on Catholic faith, academic excellence and community.

St. Andrew School is a classical school.  By classical school, we understand:
-a commitment to the classical subjects of learning, particularly the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric).
-a commitment to the "classical tradition" of learning, which stresses development of skills, particularly those of speaking well, reading well, and thinking well.
-a commitment to active learning: to the active involvement of each student, faculty member, and parent in the life of learning.
-a general commitment to the liberal arts and liberal learning, realizing that the aim of all study and learning is to increase our love of the truth and make us more proficient seekers of it.