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550 Sleepy Hollow Rd Suite 2
Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania 15228
United States
South Hills Catholic Academy
Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Mission Statement & Charter Of South Hills Catholic Academy

Mission Statement
The mission of the South Hills Catholic Academy (SHCA) is to assist parents in the Christian spiritual, moral and intellectual formation of their children by ensuring the total development of each child – body, mind, and soul.

Adhering to the premise that all knowledge comes from God and can only be understood and lived fully in reference to Him, we endeavor to integrate traditional classroom instruction with a vibrant Catholic sacramental and devotional life by...
Offering SHCA students an intensive traditional curriculum covering all the major areas of the liberal arts and natural sciences, in an academic program that is both rigorous and challenging;
Fostering in SHCA students a fuller understanding of, and deep appreciation for, the Catholic Faith in a manner completely loyal to the teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church;
Promoting a safe and disciplined educational culture for children from diverse ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds – one that fosters authentic Christian friendship and service, and joyfully embraces the uniqueness of each child.
We firmly believe that in today’s complex world, other than an individual’s own family, there is no institution in our society where the challenges that confront young children can be more effectively addressed than by a Catholic School such as SHCA, where our first purpose is to remind our students that they are both loved and lovable in Jesus Christ, and that only in Him will they discover themselves and their calling in life.

South Hills Catholic Academy is an ICLE Member School.


South Hills Catholic Academy is an ICLE Premier Member School.