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2015 SW Green Oaks Blvd
Arlington, Texas 76017
United States
St. Joseph Catholic School
Arlington, Texas
Our Mission
St. Joseph Catholic School provides students with a nurturing and prayerful learning environment committed to academic excellence, training missionary disciples to seek virtue, wisdom, and truth, in partnership with a community of active faithful families.

Our Vision
Catholic schools in the Diocese of Fort Worth are committed to opening the doors so that our students can reach further than the walls that would otherwise enclose them and therefore are able to recognize and cherish the eternal and transcendental goods of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Our Motto
Teaching the Mind ... Nourishing the Soul

Our Philosophy
St. Joseph Catholic School offers a challenging curriculum steeped in Catholic tradition and delivered by innovative and dedicated teachers who hold high academic and behavioral standards. We will help to develop our next generation of Catholic and community leaders by respecting and celebrating the God-given differences in each and modeling stewardship through community service.

Our Goal
At St. Joseph Catholic School, our leading goal is to focus on what we teach and how we teach it, all in order to form students who possess the ability to see the world and discern what is good, true, and eternal, to then habitually set aside that which is false and harmful for their minds and souls to encounter Christ.

St. Joseph Catholic School strives to achieve the following ideals, as stated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:
-We provide an atmosphere in which the Gospel message is proclaimed.
-Students experience community in Christ.
-Students serve their brothers and sisters.
-We cultivate thanksgiving and worship of God. Our highest expression of this is in the Eucharist.

Our Objectives
St. Joseph Catholic School seeks to form students in such a way that they demonstrate the following qualities:
I. Faith
-Students who love, keep and can defend the Catholic faith.
-Students who grow in learning and faith in Jesus Christ.
-Students who listen to God's call and follow it faithfully.

II. Social Justice
-Students who know the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.
-Students who can identify and correct problems with social justice.
-Students who understand the importance of service to others.

III. Academic Life
-Students who can reason and determine what is true and right.
-Students who are lifelong learners in pursuit of personal growth.
-Students who can analyze issues and solve problems independently.
-Students who can use high levels of critical thinking skills.
-Students who can write and express with confidence and eloquence.
-Students who have familiarity with foreign languages.
-Students who are prepared to enter high school.

IV. Application to Life
-Students who communicate effectively.
-Students who lead others by example.
-Students who take initiative.
-Students who solve problems effectively.
-Students who interact with morality in a variety of social situations.
-Students who accept differences in others.
-Students who manage time well.
-Students who know how to apply what has been learned.
-Students who make decisions intelligently.
-Students who listen to others.
-Students who make the best of difficult situations.

St. Joseph Catholic School is an ICLE Member School.


St. Joseph Catholic School is an ICLE Premier Member School.