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305 N. Britton Ave
Rio Grande City, Texas 78582
United States
Immaculate Conception School
Rio Grande City, Texas
Immaculate Conception School endorsed the call of the Catholic Bishops of the United States to express its educational ministry through the objectives of personal spirituality, social justice, and a strong academic program in accord with the Curriculum Guide for the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Brownsville.

1. To develop the total Christian personality by instilling in the students a respect for life and reverence for Christian living.

2. To develop within the school a strong religious education program based on Catholic Theology, Scripture, Liturgical Experience, and Service so that each child will grow and develop in the Christian way of life.

3. To facilitate the intellectual, social, and physical development of each child through a variety of instructional methods such as small and large group instruction, departmental classes, and other tools for basic knowledge and formation.

4. To aid students in evaluation of their own capabilities and vocational possibilities.

It is the consensus of the faculty, that every human being has a right to pursue knowledge corresponding with his/her dignity and God-given ability, regardless of background or sex. In the early years, education is often of the utmost importance because through education and guidance the children of today become the Catholic citizens of tomorrow

Immaculate Conception School is an ICLE Member School.


Immaculate Conception School is an ICLE Premier Member School.