Grades Served:
3801 Russell Rd
Alexandria, Virginia 22305
United States
Saint Rita Catholic School
Alexandria, Virginia
Saint Rita Catholic School embraces the idea that “the soul of education is the education of the soul” (Pope Pius XI). We are a small Catholic school dedicated to forming children intellectually and spiritually using the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.
We treasure Faith in Jesus Christ and are dedicated to serving His people.

St. Rita School believes:
All children are created in God’s image and have a great dignity.
Parents are the primary educators of their children.
We partner with parents to help their children grow in wisdom, faith, and knowledge
Teachers are called to be disciples of prayer, models of Christianity, life-long learners, and generous servants.
The education of the children is a parish ministry to be supported by the parish community.
We have the responsibility to prepare children for life in this world and the next.

In order to be an exemplary Catholic school, Saint Rita Catholic School will be:
A place where students, teachers, staff and school families work together toward the ultimate goal of human existence – knowing, loving and serving God in this world, so as to live with Him forever in the next.
A place where school parents actively participate in the education of their children, especially in their religious education.
A place where Catholic school families provide a model of home living by praying and attending Sunday Mass together, and by participating in the sacramental life of the Church.
A place where students and families of all faith backgrounds are welcome to share the blessings of a Catholic school.
A place where teachers witness to the Faith by their words and deeds, and through prayer and example promote the ongoing formation and spiritual growth of their students
A place where students grow in the love of learning.
A place where students experience a challenging curriculum and are given the tools needed for academic success.
A place where students are exposed to the great works of sacred and secular art, so as to appreciate the role of beauty in faith and education.
A place where instruction in music, foreign language, technology and physical education provides a well-rounded educational experience.
A place where students are prepared for a life of sanctity and service in an ever changing world.

Saint Rita Catholic School is an ICLE Member School.


Saint Rita Catholic School is an ICLE Premier Member School.