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Choose Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
948 Newfield Ave
Stamford, Connecticut 06905
United States
Cardinal Kung Academy
Stamford, Connecticut
Mission and Vision
The mission of Cardinal Kung Academy is to support parents in their role as primary educators of their children by providing a rigorous Catholic classical education at a reasonable cost.
The Cardinal Kung Academy graduate will prize truth and excellence. He or she will be well-prepared to succeed in post-secondary studies and, being able to articulate and defend the tenets of the Catholic Faith, will be ready to live an authentic life in Christ.
The future graduate will be a joyous ambassador of the Faith, bringing excellence and joy to his or her future field and vocation, as well as charity and service to those in need.

While the immediate goal of the school is to prepare students for college, the larger mission is to form them for a robustly intellectual and spiritual Catholic life rooted in joy, with the ultimate goal of eternal beatitude with God in Heaven.
The school therefore aims to educate the whole person; it seeks to form students who can think clearly and argue persuasively as they grow in faith and virtue and who will respond with joy to life’s gifts and challenges.
This requires a solid intellectual foundation that provides the tools to navigate the world of ideas and to understand and defend the Faith. It also requires a strong spiritual formation that fosters a desire to live in accordance with the precepts of the Church.

The curriculum is integrated; students read original texts and hold discussions in seminar-style classes as much as possible. History is read chronologically and in complement with the other disciplines of that academic year. Equal importance is given to the intellectual conversation of antiquity and medieval times as necessary for understanding the progression and influence of thought in modern times. Latin is required due to its prominence in language, science and theology, as well as the analytical abilities its study develops.
Rigorous writing and clear reasoning, as the tools of Rhetoric, are made paramount. Religion is taught in complete fidelity to the Magisterium. The students read scripture, become acquainted with the writings of the Church Fathers, and grow in understanding of the Church’s precepts. This intellectual maturation allows for growth of the theological virtues: as students grow in understanding, they may also grow in charity.

Cardinal Kung Academy is an ICLE Member School.


Cardinal Kung Academy is an ICLE Premier Member School.