The Science Content Standards for California Public Schools proposes that the science curriculum has as its goal forming “scientifically literate citizens in the twenty-first century.” This means that by the time students graduate from high Pictureschool, they should understand the “core concepts, principles, and theories of science.” Unfortunately, this list leaves out several things that should be even more important goals of a science curriculum.

Francis Bacon, the 17th century Chancellor of England who was the great inspirer of modern experimental science, stated what he considered its two goals. In encouraging mankind to join him in his great project, he wrote:

For I am building in the human understanding a true model of the world…the Creator’s own stamp upon creation, impressed and defined in matter by true and exquisite lines. Truth, therefore, and utility are here the very same things; and works themselves are of greater value as pledges of truth than as contributing to the comforts of life.

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