Mr. Michael Verlander is chairman of the Theology department at Holy Spirit Preparatory School in Atlanta, Georgia, and also has served there as Dean of Houses and Trent House Master. Michael has a strong commitment to Catholic liberal education arising from his years at Thomas More College, New Hampshire, Picturewhere he earned a B.A. in Philosophy and solidified his life-long love of learning. I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael since he participated in our first Academic Retreat for Teachers in 2006. In the greatest sense, his approach to teaching and leading is simple; Michael concentrates on both refining and fleshing out students’ understanding of vital components of the Faith, with a view to illuminating ideals, presenting practical avenues of walking in the Truth, and lessening confusion through delving into centuries-old and current faith-based questions. Enthusiasm on the part of the faculty is always pertinent, and Michael desires always to tap into and share the real joy that comes of exploring and following the truths of the Church. Michael discussed the hallmarks of his department, his own emphases in teaching and the benefits of a House system.


Our Theology Department has four hallmarks. First, we are apologetic, that is, we try in all our classes to “give a reason for the hope that is in us”. Catholic students learn what they believe in catechesis and elementary school. At the high school level, they need to understand why they believe it so that they can be prepared to face the challenges they will encounter in college and beyond. Explanation with support is offered as often as possible; however, the tenth grade year at HSP is devoted to apologetics in a particular way as students prepare for confirmation.

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