Century-old diocesan high school renews its mission by focusing on Catholic identity and liberal arts curriculum.

Under the leadership of President-Rector Rev. Robert Bolding, Saint Mary’s Catholic High School has transformed its culture over the course of eight years with a clear-eyed focus on two core principles: truth and love.

The school’s concise mission statement is an elegant summary of authentic Catholic education: to provide a liberal arts education that forms virtuous young men and women who know the Truth and love the Good. In order to embody this mission, Saint Mary’s went beyond platitudes and took a serious look at what this means in practice.

“At Saint Mary’s, we do not simply wish to inform our students,” writes Fr. Bolding on the school’s website. “In other words, we do not seek only to fill our students’ minds with knowledge of facts. Rather, what we seek is to draw the students through the things they learn into an encounter with truth, with the one who is True, the author of truth, Jesus Christ.

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