What are we doing? In today’s confusing, demanding world, Catholic educators must frequently ask this question of themselves. Standards, tests, mandates, accreditation, programs, parents, students, board members, pull us this way and that all the time. But what is our goal? How can we steer a consistent path to that goal?

It is because of this that loyalty to the educational aims of the Catholic school demands constant self-criticism and return to basic principles, to the motives which inspire the Church’s involvement in education. [Sacred Congregation for Education, The Catholic School]

In today’s pluralistic society, Catholic schools have a unique goal – to pass on wisdom. Ideally, all schools share this aim, but the sad reality is that most have lost any vision of what makes human life really worth living. But Catholic schools have the great privilege and blessing of forming their students in the accumulated wisdom of the Church. The result will be truly free adults who can lead the best human life possible as they prepare for the divine life to come.


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