Michael Van Hecke reports on a talk by Martin Cothran, Editor of Memoria Press’s “The Classical Teacher”. 


Last week, St. Augustine Academy enjoyed the wisdom of Martin Cothran at our Parent Lecture. One of the first things he clarified was that classical education is a term we use to identify the kind of education that was “education” for millennia. Newer educational reforms really did not come to be until the 19th century. So, with the advent of these different ends of education, it became necessary to start to label them. Educational theories and practices really began to derail the traditional forms of education by the end of the 19th and into the early decades of the 20th centuries. Today? Classical education is the unique and ‘different’ model. Yet, in reality, it is the education that our whole civilization was built upon – we are just rediscovering our own intellectual and cultural heritage.

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