Parent Resources

Holy Mother Church has always maintained that parents are the primary educators of their children. However, a global pandemic would throw anyone for a loop! We offer this list of suggested activities to enrich family life while everyone is at home. In the days and weeks ahead, we will continue adding resources that assist families in making the most of this unprecedented situation. 

Ten Things to Do While School is Closed

1. Set up a routine (see sample below). Enter into the rhythm of family prayer. Angelus, Rosary, Scripture reading, quiet time. Make a daily visit to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

2. Read to your children–novels, short stories, fairy tales, poetry.

3. Beautify your environment: yard, garden, interior spaces. Share pictures on your school Facebook page.

4. Hike or walk outside.  Let the little ones start a nature collection. Examine their collection and see their likenesses and differences. 

5. Practice the art of attention by rendering. Sketch a still life together. 

6. Make music: Sing! Play instruments. Listen to great music–with no headphones, everyone hearing the same piece.

7. Ponder a masterpiece.

8. Commit your favorite piece to memory, and recite pieces in the family. 

9. Get a compass and straightedge and learn to do math constructions: circle, perpendicular bisector, angle bisector. Imitate great designs and make your own.

10. Go out and gaze at the stars.


Additional Resources

Free Magnificat issue to help people pray when they have to stay home.

Some other good links we’ve found so far:

J.R.R. Tolkien reading aloud from The Hobbit

Classic Poems for Kids to Memorize  

How to Memorize Poetry with Your Kids

12 World-Class Museums You Can Visit Online 

Classical Connect for a plethora of online music to share 

Free Educator Resources

Many of these resources are normally available for purchase only. To assist Catholic educators during this unsettling time, we are sharing them here for free.

ICLE School@Home Art Teacher Forum
May 6, 2020

In Search of the Whole Child
Dr. Arthur Hippler
2015 National Conference Plenary Address

Furnishing the Mind: Connecting Language and Truth
Andrew Pudewa
2017 National Conference Plenary Address

You Should Be A Witness
Msgr. Charles Pope
2018 National Conference Plenary Address

A Catholic Anthropology According to St. John Bosco
Colleen Richards, ICLE Director of School Services
2019 National Conference Breakout Session

Historical Sequence for Teachers Series
Archbishop Michael Miller exhorts us to infuse our students with a Catholic worldview. A deep familiarity with history allows them to come to know the Church in her fullness. As we follow the growth of Western Civilization, we see Divine Providence preparing for the Church, developing her, sustaining her, and bringing her to maturity. These presentations on ancient, medieval, and modern times will give all teachers an overview of the Church’s historical life. 

The Modern World
Dennis Teti

The Medieval World
Dr. Andrew Seeley

The Ancient World
Dr. Arthur Hippler

Creating Order in a Chaotic World
Dr. Kevin Roberts
2013 National Conference Plenary Address

Browsing the Books Podcast
Dr. Andrew Seeley
Director of Advanced Formation, ICLE

To Lead a Child: On Reclaiming a Human Pedagogy
Elisabeth Sullivan
Executive Director, ICLE

For Children and Church
Dr. Christopher Perrin
Co-Founder & CEO, Classical Academic Press