Member School

St. Mary’s Catholic School, Temple, TX

Vision Statement
Rooted in Tradition: Educating for the Future
to prepare students to excel in High School, as well as to shine as a light for Christ in the world by using their unique God-given potential, doing all in the spirit of our Blessed Mother.

Philosophy of Education of St. Mary’s Catholic School:
We believe that each child is loved by God and uniquely created for a sublime purpose. Therefore, we must help our students to love God and neighbor with a whole heart; to think, judge, and act with right reason; and to use their education to better embrace Catholic teachings and the example of Christ.

To accomplish this aim, the school strives to create a Christian atmosphere of care and concern in which all children may grow toward their full potential spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. The very nature of the child requires a coordinated education, which is the product of a cooperative effort by home, church, and school. It is through this harmonious partnership that the aim of Catholic education is achieved.

We believe that the “effective Catholic School must call its pupils to the conviction that people are more important than material gain, justice is more important than success, that love is more important than esteem, and that collaboration unites while competition divides. The truly successful Catholic School student is not necessarily successful in every endeavor, but one who accepts Christian responsibility for fulfilling personal potential and shares these gifts with others.” (TCCED)

Goals of Catholic Education:
·The school promotes a community of believers and active learners in the spirit of Jesus Christ to become responsible citizens in today’s society.
·The school provides instructional leadership and maintains an effective and efficient program of studies.
·The purpose, design, and implementation of the curriculum represent the school mission that is shared by teachers, parents, and students.