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Fiat Classical Academy

Fiat Classical Academy teaches the art of living through our four educational pillars.
Cultivating Wonder – Education is a contemplative endeavor. Fiat Classical Academy invites young men and women to see the depth and meaning in the world God has given us. Care is taken to strengthen powers of observation, encourage the discipline of attention, and cultivate wonder at the details of creation– from subatomic particles to patterns in history and thought. When our students more deeply receive the gift of the world, they delight in it and are led to offer their gratitude to the Creator.

Encouraging Encounter – Intentional relationships are a hallmark of Fiat Classical Academy. Most foundationally, FCA prays together daily– making space to meet the God whose love called us into existence. Education itself is an encounter where we meet the great thinkers of the ages through primary sources. Community among faculty is prioritized by regular gatherings to promote continual learning and collaboration. Friendship among students is encouraged with a low-tech policy that cultivates authentic connection. The FCA community includes families of staff and students who are invited, through regularly scheduled events, to deepen the relationships that constitute our school.

Fostering Integration – Fiat Classical Academy highlights our ultimate origin in the Trinitarian God, who integrates our learning and living. Our teaching is rooted in the reality that faith and reason are “two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth” (Fides et Ratio). We treasure the unity of knowledge and recognize that not all learning takes place in the classroom. Therefore, our twice monthly “Adamello Days” are moments for students and faculty to encounter the outdoors, delight in the fine arts, perform works of mercy, and know the dignity of working with natural elements guided by skilled craftsmen. The intrinsic unity of the natural and supernatural, including body and soul, grounds all that we do.

Seeking Excellence – The patron of Fiat Classical Academy is St. John Paul II, who devoted much of his life to discovering the true greatness of the human person. We are inspired by his witness to the hope and joy of the freedom found in truth. We offer an education which cultivates wisdom and virtue, the signs of excellent character. Through study of the seven liberal arts and the intellectual tradition of the Church, FCA student minds are furnished, challenged, and sharpened. We form our students in the excellence of who God intended us to be – fully human, fully free, fully alive.