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St. Mary Classical Catholic School, a Pre-K through 8th Grade school located in Williamston, MI, seeks a Head of School as its leader under the Pastor of St. Mary Catholic Parish.

The Head of School, being a practicing Catholic, shares a zeal for learning and a passion for the Gospel and Christian virtue, while embodying the school’s mission of formation that unifies faith and reason. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Head of School will develop relationships of sincere care and trust with staff, parents, families, and students of St. Mary Parish. The Head of School will foster a culture of classical Catholic education, creating an atmosphere that inspires wonder and love of learning by modeling and encouraging perseverance, diligence, and academic and moral virtue, as well as fostering a community characterized by authentic Catholic faith, charity, and hospitality. Above all, the Head of School will demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in teaching, serving, and living a sacramental life. The Head of School will shepherd students by helping them to live in light of our school mission, ordering their lives toward the good, the true, and the beautiful, inspiring them with wonder at the glories of God’s Word and God’s creation, and encouraging them to cultivate the gifts that God has given them as stewards in service of one another. The Head of School will exhibit administrative competence and efficiency in ensuring that the school finances and records are maintained in good order, budgets are met, diocesan initiatives are implemented, and timely communication with community members is maintained.

Mission of Saint Mary School
St. Mary School’s mission is to assist parents in the formation of their children by engaging in a classical education where students unify faith and reason to carry the light of truth to the world. By helping students strive for academic excellence, delight in the gift of learning, and imitate the virtues of Jesus Christ, children will be joyfully compelled to live a life of knowledge, love, and service.

Mission of the Schools of the Diocese of Lansing
The mission of the schools of the Catholic Diocese of Lansing is the mission of Jesus Christ and of His Church: to serve parents in their duty as primary educators, educating and forming young people in knowledge, wisdom, and virtue so that they develop as happy and holy disciples who fulfill their God-given potential in this world and become Saints in the next. The schools are to be prayerful communities of witness, evangelization, and discipleship, where the distinctively Christian way of life is modeled, taught, and lived. In every respect the schools are to be grounded in truth and in Christ, He who is the Truth.


Demonstrates loyalty to the school and support of its mission.
Comprehends, embraces, and articulates classical education philosophy and pedagogies to teachers, students, and parents; continues to grow in this understanding.
Possesses and continues to cultivate a deep appreciation of Catholic theology, liberal arts, philosophy, literature, and history of the broader Western intellectual and cultural tradition, as well as their integration with the disciplines of math and science.

Day-to-Day Operations

Provides leadership of direction and decision making for all staff, faculty, and administrative positions.
Oversees enforcement of all school policies, code of conduct, and state and federal regulations for staff, faculty, and students.
Oversees overall management of day-to-day school operations, as appropriate, delegating to and overseeing the Vice Principal and School Secretary.
Prepares and oversees preparation of reports, lists, and other forms for which the school is responsible.
Works with the parish maintenance staff regarding day-to-day operational items and facility maintenance.
Serves as primary liaison with the Parent Association (Holy Family Alliance).
Plans and ordinarily leads Monday morning all-school assembly sessions.
Participates in budget planning and oversees operational finances under the authority of the Pastor, and in cooperation with the Parish Business Manager and Parish Finance Council.
Cooperates with parish staff and fulfills all other tasks delegated to him by the Pastor.
Attends diocesan meetings and cooperates and implements diocesan initiatives.

Faculty Development

Leads, serves on, and has final approval with the pastor on the faculty hire recommendations of interview committees.
Observes teachers’ classroom instruction on at least a quarterly basis, providing necessary coaching, modeling, and feedback for their success and ongoing growth in implementing the classical curriculum and pedagogy.
Responsible for the operational aspects of onboarding staff and faculty (e.g., payroll, Child Protection Program, etc.) Issues all offers of employment, renewals and adjustments.
When necessary, tasked with terminating staff/faculty in conjunction and cooperation with the Pastor.
Annually conducts Performance Evaluations for each staff and faculty member.
The Head of School ensures appropriate training on operational and technological items.
Makes formal recommendations and final approval of changes of curricular resources, texts, documents in consultation with the faculty and appointed parent review.
Identifies and arranges for annual professional development training in classical curriculum and pedagogy.
Conducts weekly faculty/staff meetings.

Student Services

Helps develop the master school schedule.
Oversees and conducts interviews with prospective students and their families focusing on background in the Catholic faith, academic readiness, and social maturity.
Develops and maintains positive relationships with students, functions as an authoritative and engaged presence in the school, especially between classes, during lunch, and at the beginning and end of the day.
Monitors students’ academic and behavioral progress, along with the Vice Principal.
Functions as the primary communicator with the student and his/her parents in cases of serious misconduct and supports faculty in all necessary communication with students and parents in cases of lesser misconduct or academic struggles.


Provides a weekly, all-parent newsletter with current school activities, events, and cultural formation.
Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with individual students and parents concerning students’ academic, social, and behavioral progress.
Cooperates with professional staff and support personnel in assessing and helping students with health, learning, and behavioral problems.
Leads, supports, and encourages faculty and staff in carrying out their responsibilities, regularly listening and responding to concerns, offering advice on how to address behavioral and academic issues, and facilitating cooperation and collaboration among staff members.
Meets weekly with the pastor to provide updates on current school activities and needs and to arrange priestly support of school religious formation and activities.
Safeguards confidentiality of privileged information.
Maintains conduct, speech, and demeanor befitting a disciple of Christ and Head of School of St. Mary School in public conduct and conversation.

Community Relations

Spearheads and plans community information meetings and other school promotion and plays a leading role at such meetings and events.
Organizes and participates in annual Open House events.
Together with the School Secretary and volunteers, oversees social media presence and school promotion within the local community in concert with a broader marketing and development plan.
Maintains a community presence as the public “face of the school”.

Abilities, Knowledge, Experience

Ability to meet deadlines, work on multiple projects, and coordinate the work of others.
Ability to speak well, clearly, and confidently in public daily.
Ability to maintain positive relationships with students, parents, community members, and staff.
Ability to provide organization, make near- and long-term decisions, and problem solve.
Knowledge of computer applications, financial procedures, and legal requirements.
Knowledge of school policies on immunization, medication, first aid, emergencies, and child abuse and neglect.
Knowledge of all laws, regulations, and guidelines affecting teachers and students.
Knowledge of effective classroom management techniques.
Experience in classroom teaching and curriculum development.
Preferred Master’s Degree; minimum Bachelor’s Degree (preferably with experience in teaching and/or school administration with a Liberal Arts and/or Classical institution).

Interested candidates are asked to please submit the Diocese of Lansing online application and attach a Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Introduction.

Questions may be directed to Jackie Jason, Parish Business Manager.

To apply for this job please visit