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St. Andrew Catholic School is seeking a principal for its Pre-K to seventh grade. As an extension and apostolate of the parish, the school seeks a leader who is a practicing Catholic and demonstrates a love for Jesus Christ. The principal will embody the school’s mission, values, and vision within the lens of the Catholic intellectual tradition. This person will exemplify building and deepening the Catholic faith of its students, while helping them to seek to know The Good, The True and The Beautiful, which leads us to Him. As a spiritual and educational leader, the principal will provide an environment that focuses on the four primary characteristics of human, spiritual, apostolic, and intellectual formation. The ideal candidate views Catholic education as an integration of solid teaching practices, combined with collaborative and engaging pedagogy. He or she comprehends and articulates Catholic liberal arts philosophy and pedagogies to teachers, students, and parents. This person also has firm knowledge of school administration.

General Summary:
Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lansing exist to serve parents in partnership to form young people in knowledge, wisdom, and virtue. The schools are to be prayerful communities of witness, evangelization, and discipleship. Here, the distinctively Christian way of life is modeled, taught, and lived. In every respect, the schools are to be grounded in truth and Christ who is the Truth.


Day-to-Day Operations
Provides leadership of direction and decision making for all staff, faculty, and administrative positions under the guidance of the pastor.
Oversees enforcement of all school policies, code of conduct, and state and federal regulations for staff, faculty, and students.
Oversees overall management of day-to-day school operations, as appropriate, delegating to and overseeing other staff members.
Works with the parish HR, IT, and maintenance staff regarding day-to-day operations.
Serves as primary liaison with the PTG and the school advisory council.
Executes all school budget planning and oversees operational finances, in cooperation with the parish business manager and parish finance council.
Cooperates with parish staff and fulfills all other tasks delegated by the pastor.
Provides guidance and oversight for all school fundraising campaigns.

Faculty Development
Observes teachers’ classroom instruction on a quarterly basis, providing necessary coaching, modeling, and feedback for their success and ongoing growth.
Conducts weekly faculty/staff meetings and ensures continued staff growth in Catholic liberal arts and the Catholic intellectual tradition.
Annually conducts performance evaluations for each staff and faculty member.
Makes formal recommendations and with pastoral input, makes final approval of changes of curricular resources, texts, and documents in consultation with the
faculty and selected parent review.
Identifies and arranges for annual professional development training in curriculum and pedagogy.
Leads, serves on, and has final approval with the pastor on the faculty hire recommendations of interview committees.
Responsible for the operational aspects of onboarding staff and faculty in collaboration with the parish HR/ business manager (e.g., payroll, benefits, Child Protection Program, etc.) with the pastor, issues all offers of employment, renewals and adjustments.
Where necessary, tasked with terminating staff/faculty in conjunction and cooperation with the pastor.

Student Services
Oversees and conducts interviews with prospective students and their families focusing on background in the Catholic faith, academic readiness, and social
Develops and maintains positive relationships with students, functions as a leader and engaged presence in the school, especially between classes, during lunch and at the beginning and end of the day.
Functions as the primary communicator with the student and his/her parents in cases of serious misconduct and supports faculty in all necessary communication with students and parents in cases of lesser misconduct or academic struggles.

Meets weekly with the pastor to provide updates on current school activities and needs, and to arrange support of school religious formation and activities.
Provides a weekly, all-parent newsletter with current school activities and events.
Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with individual students and parents concerning students’ academic, social, and behavioral progress.
Leads, supports, and encourages faculty and staff in carrying out their responsibilities, regularly listening and responding to concerns, offering advice on how to
address behavioral and academic issues, and facilitating cooperation and collaboration among staff members.
Maintains conduct, speech, and demeanor befitting a disciple of Christ and principal of St. Andrew Catholic School in public conduct and conversation.

Community Relations
Lead the faculty and staff to provide a school that is open to all children in our community who wish to experience an excellent faith-based education.
Spearheads and plans community informational meetings and other school promotions.
Organizes and participates in all open house events.
Together with the school administrative assistant, volunteers, and parish communications coordinator, oversees social media presence and promoting the school.

Abilities, Knowledge, Experience
Ability to meet deadlines, work on multiple projects and coordinate the work of others.
Ability to communicate effectively.
Ability to maintain positive relationships with students, parents, community members, and staff.
Initiates and organizes long-range planning for the school under guidance of the pastor.
Knowledge of computer applications, financial procedures, and legal requirements.
Knowledge of school policies on immunization, medication, first aid, emergencies and child abuse and neglect.
Knowledge of effective classroom management techniques.
Minimum five years teaching experience and knowledge of curriculum development.
Master’s Degree in educational leadership or equivalent; preferred K-12 Administration certificate; minimum Bachelor’s Degree.

Interested candidates are asked to please submit the online application and attach a Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Introduction.

Questions may be directed to:
Sue Kalinowski
Office Manager
St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, Saline, MI

To apply for this job please visit recruitingbypaycor.com.