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Administrative Model:
The Headmaster and the Executive Director lead the administrative team, which operates under the Board of Directors at Chesterton Academy of St. Benedict. These co-leaders share responsibilities for nurturing and maintaining the mission and traditions of the Academy, and ensuring fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Both administrators are hired by, and report directly to, the Board of Directors. The Headmaster, along with Board of Directors, will abide by the canonical authority of the Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus and any designee he assigns.

Headmaster’s Role:
• The Headmaster is responsible for implementing the Academy’s academic vision and mission, discipline policies and traditions, as well as upholding the Chesterton Schools Network curriculum.
• The Headmaster is responsible for the hiring, mentoring, and training of teachers.
• The Headmaster works in collaboration with the Executive Director and the Executive Team (Board of Directors and ex officio directors), which is responsible for the image, public relations, fundraising, enrollment/tuition, activities, events, recruiting, and marketing of the Academy. The Headmaster also works with the Executive Team on building strong parent-school communication and relationships.
• Continuous improvement is a commitment a Chesterton Academy seeks to promote among staff and students. The Headmaster will uphold values and expectations of continuous improvement for the Academy, as outlined by the directives of the Chesterton Schools Network and/or the Diocese of Columbus and the Office of Catholic Schools.
• A collaborative relationship between the Headmaster, the Executive Director, and the Board is a requirement.

The Headmaster serves as the leader of all teachers and is responsible for guiding them as they provide a safe learning environment that adheres to our Catholic beliefs and meets the approved curriculum and mission of the Academy. By training our faculty to be better teachers and to uphold the policies of the Academy, the Headmaster plays a crucial role in creating an environment that attracts and retains students and families. The role is focused on inspiring teachers in the classroom and igniting support and enthusiasm for classical education among our faculty, parents, and stakeholders. The Headmaster should be present in the classrooms and hallways of the Academy for the majority of the school day.

In addition to any teaching responsibilities, the primary responsibilities of the Headmaster include:

• Ensuring the Catholic Faith is integrated into the culture of the Academy
• Understanding, Promoting, Protecting, and Implementing the Chesterton Schools Network Curriculum
• Building the Morale of the Faculty
• Formation of Well-Rounded, Faithful Students

To those ends, the Headmaster is responsible for the following:

Curriculum and Academic Excellence:
• Commitment to upholding Canon Law, through academic teaching, resources, behavior modeling, and personal and professional relationships and business conduct in relationship with the Academy
• Implement the Chesterton Schools Network curriculum as provided on Chesterton Online, the Network’s Learning Management System (LMS), and in the specified timeframes
• Ensure teachers use the proper course materials for each class
• Participate in Chesterton Schools Network curriculum discussions and Headmaster calls
• Assist with annual supply ordering by making sure all teachers prepare material requests for the following year during the end-of-year in-service
• Review relevant course documents and see that they are uploaded to CASB’s shared faculty folder. The documents that must be uploaded include, but are not limited to: course syllabus, weekly or bi-weekly teaching plans, tests, and other relevant instructional materials.
• Educate the faculty about the CLT and develop ways to improve student readiness
• Work with the Executive Director (or Student Lifecycle Manager) on the promotion and administration of the CLT8 (freshmen), CLT10 (sophomores), and CLT (juniors and seniors)
• Review results of student tests (ACT, SAT, CLT, and Diagnostic Tests)
• Review the implementation of the IEW program at in-services and when the units are being taught throughout the year; review the effectiveness of the program annually
• Explore opportunities to provide more robust academic challenges to students, e.g., National Latin Test, etc.
• Promote the Franciscan University of Steubenville Academic Partnership with current and prospective families
• Help the Academy develop ways to teach students about academic integrity

Instruction and Hiring of Teachers:
• Oversee faculty hiring, management, evaluation, rehires, terminations, and teaching assignments
• Oversee classes’ adherence to curriculum and ensure that classes are academically rigorous
• Help faculty to cultivate a truly Socratic classroom
• Help faculty better appreciate our namesake, G.K. Chesterton, and better understand how the Academy can embody a Chestertonian spirit
• Conduct weekly 1-1 meetings with each teacher covering the following: pacing, adherence to the curriculum and appropriate assignments, homework load, classroom management, and professional development
• Thoroughly review academic policies with teachers at in-services and weekly meetings; e.g., attendance and tardiness, the appropriate time and procedures for make-up work/tests, sports eligibility, managing tests and papers around events, graduation eligibility, etc.
• Conduct classroom observations of faculty members as part of their evaluation process and arrange for master teachers and school leaders to conduct observations; the Academy expects at least one informal observation and one formal observation of each teacher per year
• Be present in hallways, classrooms, and at events
• Work with the Executive Director to assign teachers to supervisions and duties for before, during, and after school. Assign extra duties to faculty as needed to assist with building management and academic needs (e.g., after-school math assistance, Latin mastery, etc.)

Parent-School Partnership:
• Promote and uphold the Academy’s discipline and uniform policies, and help students and parents to better understand said policies
• Ensure that faculty members communicate with parents regarding students’ academic progress via regular communication and conferences
• Help the faculty manage student workload by holding all teachers accountable to using the annual academic calendar to share dates of major quizzes, tests, and papers; review dates to ensure they are in keeping with the Academy’s mission of supporting family life
• Review each course’s homework load with teachers at weekly 1-1 meetings
• Review homework load with students periodically and communicate with teachers and/or Student Success Coaches about concerning trends in workload, academic integrity, and executive functioning concerns

Student Information Systems (working with the Executive Director):
• Review grade books and ensure faculty are current on entering grades and returning graded work to students, per the timeline and SOP’s in the Family and Employee Handbooks
• Ensure that faculty members enter all data into systems including grades, absences, demerits, detentions, etc. Identify any teachers with technical issues that can be referred to the Executive Director (the Academy’s SIS manager) for further assistance.

Admissions and Enrollment:
• Work with Executive Director and leadership team to review prospective student applications
• Conduct a 10-minute interview with each student who shadows and participates in family interviews
• Review placement tests with other admissions decision-makers and contact parents if a student must undertake remedial work
• Deliver presentations to prospective parents and students at open houses and selected Academy events
• Work with students during the admissions and enrollment phases, requesting accommodations for learning disabilities or other conditions (must be documented by a physician)
• Conduct exit interviews with all families of students who leave prior to graduation

Faith Formation:
• Oversee teacher and student faith formation
• Actively lead and live out the Catholic faith as a model for CASB
• Lead school prayer every morning and at the close of the day
• Ensure the Catholic doctrine is being upheld and taught in all areas of the curriculum.
• Actively participate in Catholic practices such as attending daily mass, weekly confession, and provide spiritual guidance, as necessary, for faculty and students
• Observe all Catholic Holy Days of Obligation

Teaching Responsibilities:
The Headmaster is expected to teach at least one course per semester, with additional courses in the earlier years of operation. In the event that a teacher cannot be present to teach the assigned course(s) on any given day, the Headmaster and Executive Director will work to replace the teacher with a substitute, or the Headmaster may fill in temporarily, as needed.

The Headmaster maintains the following working relationships:

• The Headmaster reports directly to the Board of Directors and is a member of the Academy’s Executive Team.
• The Headmaster works closely with the Executive Director and staff members to advance the Academy’s mission, having a supervisory role over all faculty.
• The Headmaster collaborates with the Diocese of Columbus and the Office of Catholic Schools, ensuring all operations, content, and policies of the Academy are in line with Catholic teaching and applicable diocesan policies and guidelines.
• Clergy and spiritual leaders are imperative to the religious initiatives of the Academy, and as such the Headmaster will have a strong working relationship with said members of the Catholic community.

Requirement Qualifications:
• The Headmaster must be a practicing Roman Catholic and demonstrate a commitment to Catholic secondary education.
• Bachelor’s degree conferred from an accredited college or university.
• Current certification to teach in the state of Ohio, or ability to obtain an Ohio license, with accompanying secondary teaching experience.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Teaching experience in a classical school environment.
• Previous experience in secondary school administration.
• Management and/or team lead experience with demonstrated ability to coach, mentor, and lead through conflict resolution.
• Familiarity with the mission of Chesterton Academy of St. Benedict and the teachings of the Catholic Church.About the Employer
Chesterton Academy of St. Benedict is a new, independent classical high school in the Catholic tradition opening in Columbus, Ohio, in Fall 2024. Inspired by the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith, Chesterton Academy seeks to form young men and women to be joyful saints. By introducing them to great thinkers such as Socrates, Thomas Aquinas and Dante, and by forming them in a distinctly Catholic culture, we lead students to choose for themselves the adventure of being a disciple of Christ.

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