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Catholic liberal education is not just another program to adopt; it is a philosophy to infuse. It depends upon the ongoing spiritual and intellectual formation of the educators themselves. After all, it is the teachers who guide students to see the world through the eyes of faith, to love that which is worth loving, and to use their gifts in the service of God. Our work is much more than “professional development.” We think of it as nurturing the vocation of teaching in the light of Christ.

We believe that the witness of passionate, faith-filled teachers, school leaders, and superintendents is powerful and irreplaceable. Indeed, the Church tells us that “it depends chiefly on [teachers] whether the Catholic school achieves its purpose.” All our events and formation programs inspire and equip those who have responded to this vocation. We help educators realize the full implications of a philosophy of education that puts Jesus Christ, the Logos, at its center. We focus on how this affects what we teach and how we teach.

How can the Church reach children in this increasingly secular age? For forty hours a week for 36 weeks of the year, Catholic schools are poised to be a vital engine of evangelization in the lives of students. This influence then has ripple effects into the families themselves and the wider culture.

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What educators are saying

“Excellent and eye-opening. I can’t thank you enough for introducing Catholic liberal arts education to my co-worker and me. This was the best professional development I’ve ever attended!”

“I love that we are transitioning to this curriculum. This is the deepest I have ever dived into my Catholic faith and I was born and raised Catholic. I feel renewed being exposed to the beauty of the Word, and inspired and eager to teach our students the same.”

Formation for

schools and Educators

    • School Renewal: 2 or 3 year comprehensive plans
    • School observation visits with recommendation reports
    • School workshops on the philosophy and practice of Catholic liberal education
      (1, 2, or 3 days on-site)
    • Faculty Webinars (individual topics or series)
    • Guided Faculty Study Plans
    • Advanced Formation custom courses and presentations drawing from the Catholic intellectual tradition
    • Sample presentations for workshops and webinars
Formation for




  • Exploratory/Discernment Plans for Schools and Dioceses
  • Presentations for Parents
  • Presentations and Consultations for Clergy and Religious
  • Presentations and Consultations for Benefactors and Boards

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