Call for Proposals

2019 National Conference: Freedom in Christ | July 22-25, 2019 | The Catholic University of America | Washington, D.C.
Deadline: January 15, 2019
Notification: March 15, 2019

In recognition of the groundbreaking work being done by Catholic educators around the country, this year we invite the submission of proposals for presentations. Breakout sessions will be chosen to cover a range of topics, including–but not limited to–those listed below. Please plan on 50 minutes, incorporating ample time for Q&A. Preference will be given to practitioners who are able to demonstrate the connections between the philosophy and practice of Catholic classical liberal arts education. Feel free to showcase student work, sample assessments, or even short video clips if appropriate.

Please note that breakout presenters are expected to be registered conference participants; conference registration is not waived. 

Suggested categories, themes, and topics:

1. Share your passion for a certain period of history, a particular work of literature or art, a poem or two, or the glories of a particular approach to mathematics or science. Help us imagine new ways to teach these important lessons.

2. Teach a mimetic lesson, and then explain how you went about it.

3. Discuss and demonstrate ways in which you use imitation, integration, imagination, and/or inquiry with students.

4. Theology and Salvation history – How, when, and where to make them integral?

5. Mathematics – How to incorporate a classical liberal arts approach?

6. Pick one element of the Trivium or Quadrivium and share your insights on how to teach it.

7. Share innovative ways of assessment that reflect a Catholic classical liberal arts philosophy.

8. Music and Fine Arts/Art History – enlighten us!

9. Teaching writing

10. K-5 Teachers – We always need individual classroom teachers to share how they integrate a self-contained classroom.

11. Practical concerns – How to relate to standardized testing, college admissions, etc.?

12. School Leaders – How to form a school community in this vision?  Transition advice?