2018 Advent Campaign

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Our fundraising goal for 2018 is $250,000 and we are over half-way there, thanks in particular to a $100,000 challenge grant. If we meet the challenge grant amount, we will be inches from the goal, making the year a huge success in our efforts to meet the needs of Catholic education renewal, and sustain our small and efficient staffing structure through another year.

In 2018, the Institute directly served more than 500 educators representing over 20,000 students at more than 100 schools in 33 states through our hosted programs, on-site workshops and in-services, and, for the first time, online webinars.

Authentic Catholic education – truly liberal education that leads to freedom in Christ – is changing the narrative for our nation’s Catholic schools. No longer are decline and consolidation the only sound bites. Growth and joy are once again taking hold. And it is the important work of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education that is allowing those fruits to multiply at the rate they are.