Sixty-Fold Campaign

And those are the ones on whom seed was sown on the good soil;
and they hear the word and accept it, and bear fruit, thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold.
Mark 4:20

We have heard the wisdom of the Church about education, and lived it; we have borne the thirty-fold.  
But the harvest is so much richer!
Please help bring our fruit to the Sixty-fold. Your donation will help to expand our staff,
teach the teachers of teachers, and extend our reach in demostrating the power of Catholic liberal education.

We have reaped the Thirty-fold…

We are…

…the leading national organization forming teachers in the Catholic educational tradition.

…experienced and successful in transforming teachers and schools.

…committed to helping schools develop a community culture that is Catholic to its core.

…flexible in adapting our programs to each school’s situation to help reform wherever and whenever it is occurring.

We serve…

…teachers looking to understand the traditions of Catholic education and longing to be freed to truly teach the human beings entrusted to their care. 

…Catholic classical liberal arts schools, including parochial schools converting to a classical liberal arts curriculum. 

…schools seeking to increase Catholic identity through the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. 

…parents seeking to find or to form the best schools for their children. 

…media looking for inormation on movements in Catholic liberal education. 

The Lord promised Sixty-fold!

Our goal – $600,000 over three years:


– Paid staff, including Executive Director, Associate Director, Director of School Services, and Director of Advancement

– Increased consultation and faculty development services to assist more schools interested in a classical liberal arts curriculum

– Increased outreach to school leaders, dioceses, bishops, and other leaders in Catholic education

– Publication of support materials to allow for greater reach to schools eager for resources and continuous formation

– Transformation of and collaboration with education departments at Catholic universities