2019 National Conference Resources

Plenary Resources

Longing for Freedom: Why Catholic Education is More Vital Than Ever
Mary Rice Hasson – Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child From Public School Before It’s Too Late

The Gravity of Gravity: A Quick Look at Astronomy and Its Relevance
Dr. Andrew Seeley – PowerPoint

The Curriculum is Christ
Fr. John Parks – The Ultimate Relationship (electronic booklet); The Crux Bible Study

Breakout Resources

Mastery, Excellence, and the Ladder of Learning in the K-8 Classroom
Diana Philpott – HANDOUT 

Catholic Schools and the New Evangelization
Derek Tremblay – HANDOUT 

The Theology of History
Janice Martinez – HANDOUT 

Practical Tips for Doing Theater
Christopher Foeckler – HANDOUT 

Seminar Readings

A Selection from Lord of the Rings: “The Shadow of the Past,” by J.R. Tolkien 
Dr. Andrew Seeley
Director of Advanced Formation, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education
Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College – Santa Paula, CA

Euthyphro (On Courage), by Plato 
Luke Macik, J.D.
Headmaster, The Lyceum – Euclid, OH 

“The Loss of the Creature,” by Walker Percy
Dr. Arthur Hippler
Religion Department Chairman, Providence Academy – Plymouth, MN

“The Letter to the Colossians,” by St. Paul 
Jessie Van Hecke
Director of Lower School, St. Augustine Academy – Ventura, CA

Leisure, the Basis of Culture (Sections I & II), by Joseph Pieper
Dr. Alyssan Barnes
Rhetoric Teacher, Live Oak Classical School – Waco, TX
Adjunct Instructor, University of Dallas – Irving, TX

“The Invisible Man,” by G.K. Chesterton 
Danny Flynn
Principal, St. Jerome Academy – Hyattsville, MD

The Lord of History (Chapters 3 & 4), by Msgr. Eugene Kevane
Dr. Diana Philpott
Founder, Teacher Trainer, Curriculum Developer, St. John the Baptist Catholic School – South Bend, IN

“Tradition and the Individual Talent,” by T.S. Eliot 
Dr. Mark Bauerlein
Senior Editor, First Things

Three Poems by Emily Dickinson 
Dr. Matthew Mehan
Director of the Jackson Scholars Honors Thesis Program & Instructor in Humanities, The Heights School – Potomac, MD

“The Lifeless World of Biology,” by Charles DeKonnick 
Dr. Merrill Roberts
Nature Studies Teacher, St. Jerome Academy
Postdoctoral Research Associate, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Idea of a University (Discourse 8): “Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Religion,” by John Henry Newman
Michael Moynihan
Head of the Upper School, The Heights School – Potomac, MD